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Hey all, this blog post will cover everything I personally experienced in Switzerland by all means this is not a complete dive into Switzerland, but you should see it as a basic guide of what to expect from one of the best cities I’ve visited thus far.

All images used in this article were taken and edited by Renait Reborn*

Switzerland is a Central European country with numerous lakes and vast mountains that provide beautiful backdrops for an amazing city.

Switzerland is known for being one of the TOP 10 wealthiest cities in world, the average life expectancy is 2nd highest in the world (Japan is No.1). Switzerland has many assets to offer from its exquisite taste in chocolate to its robust finance and banking systems.


Zürich Is the largest city in Switzerland its population is 400,000 and 1.3 Million inhabitants in the Canton. Zürich is considered the hub of Switzerland and according to google 30% of inhabitants are foreigners.

Switzerland has 4 national Languages German, french, Italian and Romansh, while navigating through Zürich I conversed with local residents (most spoke fluent English).

Zürich Airport and railways systems are super efficient and optimised for travel, in Zürich you’re always a Tram away from finding something new and exciting! I stayed in an area called Oerlikon, which is known for hosting huge concerts and sporting events.


When travelling to Zurich its essential you prepare for Switzerlands expensive lifestyle, as the value of well known products are nearly doubled. Switzerland uses the Swiss-Franc and as it stands in March 2020 the Swiss franc is very strong (1 Franc: 0.86 GBP) due to Switzerlands financial and Government backing.

A basic meal from McDonald’s in London costs £5-7 on average in Zurich the same meal could cost £13-17 easily, this surge pricing is reflected on most products from medication to simple groceries.

I strongly recommend shopping in stores like Migros or coop, using a MasterCard gives you the best real time exchange rate without using tangible cash (notes and coins). P.S i hate using cash :)

Notable celebrities from Switzerland:

  1. Roger Federer (tennis player)

  2. Albert Einstein (Physicist, Swiss citizen)

  3. Renee Zellweger (actres

  4. William tell (folk hero)

  5. Sofia Milos (actress)

Places I visited:

There’s are the notable places I visited in Switzerland, a lot nightclubs and tourist attractions were closed due to various reasons:

Zurich HB Main station


Liddnhioof hill


Ganymede Staue

Lake Zürich *

Hafen Reisbach

China Garden

Kunsthaus Zürich*



Glacier Garden of Lucerne


Lion monument

Jesuit church

Chapel bridge*


Here’s a collection of photos taken by memost photos were taken in Zurich some in Luzern.

Street Photography

As a photographer I personally have a few friends in Switzerland which definitely encouraged me to come to Zurich,. Here’s a few images I took and edited whist there:


As a city boy Zürich felt freeing, I often found myself lost in my thoughts and taking in the sublime scenery in had to offer. From water fountains to Lakes, Zurich has a sense of tranquility others cities lack.

Venturing through Zurich became second naure on day 1, the simplicity and helpfulness of the locals made my trip worthwhile. I'll be back.

On my next trip to Switzerland I'll be taking on Zurich's nightlife and party scene :))

Thank you for reading this article, if you have any questions please email:

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John Renait


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